The exclusive secret to never quitting in life

What if you’re halfway there…

Abhinav Rai
3 min readOct 28, 2023
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Quitting is the easiest thing to do. It requires minimal effort, you just have to leave things aside and move on.

But on the other side, it’s not as bad as we think. Knowing when to quit is wisdom. How long can you hit the nail at the wrong place? Better try somewhere else where your effort counts.

But sometimes most of us are entangled in the vicious cycle of giving it one more shot. It might be due to peer group pressure, society, or sunk cost fallacy.

We possibly things if we quit now, years of hard work might be in vain. In reality, efforts are always counted, and its ripple effect can be observed in other realms of life.

Most successful individuals persisted till they made it. They believed in themselves and stayed on the court till they tasted success. It’s never gonna be easy, you can’t escape struggle, it’s inevitable.

If you feel like quitting just because you can’t see any results, hold on. It might be not visible but the growth is always there.

Here I am gonna pen down certain reasons which can be food for thought for you.

You’re born with a purpose.

Everybody is born with a purpose. People just need to perceive it through their experiences. Most people can’t see.

Your existence is meant to unlock your full potential. So that you can achieve something meaningful, impactful, and of great value.

You are just not born to eat sleep and die.

You are magic

The magic of the universe lies within you. you are beating around the bush. You need to pay attention to it.

Irrespective of other’s opinions, the undeniable truth is you deserve success. You deserve everything you can dream of. Just put hours into it. It’s already there.

Create that magic.

You are powerful

You often underestimate yourself. This habit has eroded many dreams. Just because it seems tough, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It’s possible, sit with yourself, and you will realize.

Whenever you feel like giving up, pause and look back at your life. think of all the hard times, when you triumphed over them simply because you chose to stay strong when things got tough.

When you feel like you are in hell, keep moving, why stay there?

You are the undeniable force, no problem is greater than human potential.

Don’t Know the Taste of Success.

If you keep trying, there’s a strong possibility that things might turn out to be better. But what if you chose to quit, nothing gonna change.

If you always stay in your comfort zone, you’ll end up living the average life, that you never wanted. You’ll never discover how much better you could have been or how far you could have gone.

The biggest regret is realizing what you could have been.

You have this only life, make it worth living.

Success is a chase for all

Everybody is chasing success. Maybe everyone has a different meaning to success.

In everyone’s constant chase for success, the one who works hard maintains discipline, and remains consistent ultimately wins the chase.

Regardless of the meaning of success. Make sure to achieve what makes sense to you.

Reading till here… I do appreciate it.

Thank You



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