Losing Motivation- Regain Your Drive with These Tips

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Abhinav Rai
3 min readSep 1, 2023
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Motivating yourself every day is hard. An individual can relentlessly surrender himself in pursuit of something that needs to be done. Yet motivation plays a critical role in driving an individual to stay focused on his goals. But, don’t you think self-motivation isn’t sturdy?

Everyone has different sources of motivation, varying from their goal to emotional sentiments. But still losing motivation is a typical issue.

It’s not feasible for a person to be in the same mindset every time. Human psychology is built the same way, still, we can’t excuse ourselves without unleashing our peak performance.

The human mind loves easy things, and we learn this hard way. It makes us oblivious to witnessing our optimal state. We tend to escape the hard way and dive along the fast solutions.

We look for short-term motivation and the internet is full of a myriad of motivational speakers. It makes things easy for a while but how long will you play yourself like that?

After preaching and experimenting with a plethora of strategies, I have derived the blueprint to escalate your drive. By imbibing these tips you can master the art of regaining motivation.

Understanding your why

When the goal is clear the journey becomes easy. Having a clear why in your head is necessary to annihilate distractions. It encourages the individual to contemplate that the goal is superior to the trivial pieces of stuff.

A clear why inspires action.

When you don’t have a strong why, actions become bland. Valuing an elevated goal ultimately pushes us to stay on the course.

Make an actionable plan

Formulation of an action plan with an eye on detail is necessary to stay on track. You might start with the best intentions; but to track your progress and determine the possible shortcoming, a plan is required. A plan outlines the crucial details of your goal.

A goal without a plan is like a train without a track.

A plan does not assure the outcome because it can also be dreadful. But a blueprint is made for guarding the actions.

Acknowledge your progress

Embrace the progress that you have made. In the continuous pursuit of success, you might miss out on the tiny achievements of your life.

Appreciating yourself for the tinier goal you have achieved encourages you to go after even bigger things.

Whenever you reach a milestone, pat your back and reward yourself for the same. Take yourself out for dinner, watch a movie, and do whatever makes you feel alive.

These moments will help you feel gratitude for the efforts you have made.

Focus on the broader picture

Regardless of the challenges you encounter throughout your journey, never succumb to them. You might question yourself at your low point but if you never give up the consequences might differ. Because hard time creates strong men.

It has been said that the journey is more important than the destination. It’s true but that doesn’t make the journey any less difficult.

When you feel like giving up, think about why you started. Because if you want to do something, go all the way, there’s no coming back.

Be disciplined

You might have heard plenty of times that ‘motivation is temporary, discipline is permanent’. This statement can be validated by a myriad of instances. Because you can feel motivated one day and demotivated the other day.

But success demands sacrifices, it has nothing to do with your mood. The real strength lies in staying the same regardless of your mood.

When a man is sufficiently motivated, discipline will take care of itself

Find resources to cater to your needs but avoid being soft, if you have a higher purpose. Although it’s a natural human behavior you have the authority to choose where you want to be.

Comment on what you do when you lose motivation.

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